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Sharing the knowledge of effective preventive solutions for a myriad of diseases including cancer, heart disease.

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Take the power of natural resources and improve you daily life.

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Nurture your body with simple but powerful food to maximize your performance.

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The latest and most effective information to maintain a great quality of life.


Organic foods, super foods, dietary supplements and lifestyle changes can help us live healthier lives. As an example of the efficacy of nutritional healing is fish oil. If we look at the research on fish oil and sudden death by heart attack, we see that it has been shown to be most effective preventive active compound by far - even compared to baby aspirin. So if we look at fish oil versus statin drugs for lowering C-reactive protein (an inflammatory marker for heart disease risk), fish oil is equally effective - whether it is consumed in your diet or taken as a supplement. There are also many studies in the field of Integrative Medicine that combine conventional treatment with nutritional intervention to maximize results - using the best of both worlds.


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Life is about choices- and you have the choice to take charge of your health using safe and effective dietary supplements and super foods or organic food.

My recommendation is not intended to replace your medical treatment or medical advice, but to empower both… you and your health-care provider to use the power of nutrition to help you be healthy and stay healthy.

  • RegenerAge® Night Cream
    Client: RegenerAge® Clinic
    Date: 07/01/2017
    Info: A powerful restorative facial cream with the best mixture of anti-oxidants and polypeptides, RegenerAge® Night Cream is an anti-aging product that will regenerate and rejuvenate your skin like no other.
    Launch Project

    A powerful restorative facial cream with the best mixture of anti-oxidants and polypeptides, RegenerAge® Night...

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    What Skin Needs™ – Skincare
    Client: What Skin Needs™
    Date: 07/07/2015
    Info: Take advantage of our exclusive offer! 3-pack special discount product offer with the best skincare treatment for everyone! An intensive skin care solution designed to address difficult skin problems.
    Launch Project

    Take advantage of our exclusive offer! 3-pack special discount product offer with the best skincare...

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    Hairlogica™ – Hair Treatment
    Client: HairLogica™
    Date: 10/07/2015
    Info: At Hairlogica, we are dedicated to achieving exceptional results. To ensure that we hit the mark every time, we have formed a highly trained and qualified team of staff who are able to assist clients in a range of different ways. All procedures and treatments are performed by a hair loss specialist, ensuring your safety and peace of mind from start to finish.
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    When you notice the signs of balding or thinning, be proactive and call a team...

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