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Healthy Life – You, The Environment & Epigenetics

Revamping the Way We Live.

The high consumption on industrialized countries of meat, beef, pork, turkey or chicken results in livestock absorbing much of the country's crop harvest, along with vast quantities of energy and water. By eating less meat, dairy and eggs and putting farm animals back in their place, as well as reducing highly packaged and processed foods, we would help considerably in improving our environment and saving resources. Specifically, reducing the consumption of grain-fed animal products is important.

Exciting Possibilities.

Animal agriculture produces surprisingly large amounts of air and water pollution. High densities of farm animals result in a significant amount of manure and sewage problems. This waste has to be moved, stored and spread without allowing it into the water supplies. Water pollution is a problem. Waterborne bacteria are associated with neurologic, carcinomatous and renal disease; waterborne viruses are associated with diabetes and miscarriages; toxic organic chemicals are associated with cancer and animal reproductive systems.