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Bioquantine™ – Bioquark Inc.

BQ-A is a novel combinatorial biologic that mimics the regulatory biochemistry of the living human egg (oocyte) immediately following fertilization.

During this period, oocytes perform an unparalleled set of tasks including: resetting cell age, reprogramming DNA to eliminate genetic and epigenetic damage, remodeling of organelles, and protection of the embryo from inflammatory, oxidative, and infectious damage.

All of this is done in synergy to initiate the embryo’s developmental genetic program, and start it on its complex, stepwise path through organogenesis and morphogenesis.

In developing BQ-A, Bioquark has found a novel way to standardize this unique combinatorial biochemistry, in the form of a biologic, and apply it for the induction of tissue specific micro-environments that lead to effective regeneration and repair.

Ooplasm-based reprogramming and remodeling has been studied for the last half century in the petri dish in experiments such as in-vitro fertilization and cloning. Bioquark is the first company that has taken the step to export this biochemical regulatory architecture to somatic tissue in mammals.

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