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What Skin Needs™ – Skincare

Take advantage of our exclusive offer! 3-pack special discount product offer with the best skincare treatment for everyone! An intensive skin care solution designed to address difficult skin problems including:

  • Rough and damaged skin
  • Feet and Heels
  • Knees and elbows
  • Skin Cell renewal
  • And more!

Contains the patented active ingredient Plantolin™ to soothe, rehydrate and repair rough, dry and damaged skin. It is safe and gentle on sensitive skin.

Supported by a blend of natural extracts and essential oils including:

Aloe Vera: May alleviate dry skin, and inhibit inflammation, May also temporarily improve the appearance of the skin and stimulate the regeneration of skin cells.

Calendula: May help to reduce inflammation, alleviate the inflammation and pain associated with insect bites and assist with relieving itching.

Olive oil: May reduce skin inflammation and accelerate the healing of calluses, reduce bruising and help to prevent wrinkles.

Pomegranate: May help to prevent liver spots, and may thicken the epidermis, may help to diminish wrinkles and stimulate the production of collagen.

Silica: Premature wrinkles including stretch marks after pregnancy may occur as a result of silica deficiency. Supplementation of silica may cause a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and help maintain the elasticity, firmness and strength of the skin.

Green Tea: Possesses potent antioxidant properties stronger that vitamin E. May assist in alleviating rosacea, and reduce the damage to the skin caused by exposure to the ultra-violet radiation component of sunlight.

Myrrh: An antiseptic and has antimicrobial activity.

Vitamin E: May alleviate dry skin and inhibit scarring and early onset of wrinkles. Helps regulate skin cell proliferation and repair and protect the skin from oxidative damage.

Lavender Oil: An effective skin cleanser that is reported to inhibit some types of detrimental fungi. It may also alleviate the pain associated with sunburn.

Geranium Oil: Is used for many skin disorders as a tonic and antiseptic.

Lemon Oil: May kill some types of detrimental fungi. Helps improve circulation.

This product is totally safe for your health. It has passed many various tests without a single failure. It is really a product of a new generation. Our vendors guarantee no side effects. We have a great experience and good reputation in this business. One of the main advantages of our products is their reliability because we put great efforts into providing different researches that help us integrate the new safe technologies in our business.

Well, if you are ready to purchase our goods we will help you to make a right choice. If you have some questions, you can address our support system.