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Hairlogica™ – Hair Treatment

When you notice the signs of balding or thinning, be proactive and call a team that can help. As a successful clinic in Melbourne, we can help clients achieve their desired results. Offering a range of treatment solutions, we assist you in choosing an option that is best suited to your individual needs.

Our effective replication technique

For the last 12 years, thousands of our clients have opted for our replication procedure. Many people choose this option as it allows them to avoid the side effects and scar tissue associated with surgical procedures. As non-surgical option, it can provide the look of a full head of hair and can be up to $9000 cheaper than a transplant.
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When you visit a hair loss specialist at our Melbourne clinic, you will be able to choose from a variety of treatment options. The options available to you will be dependent on your individual circumstances. However we can offer:

– Hairlogica’s Laser Treatment

– Hairlogica’s Hair Replacement

– Hairlogica’s Hair Transplant

– Hairlogica’s Stemcells for Hairgrowth

Our specialist team can assist men, women and even children with their condition and speak with you thoroughly regarding the treatments that can best meet your needs.