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In the early 1980’s Graeme was a pioneer in the health industry. CEO & Founder at What Skin Needs™.

He developed laboratories which manufactured herbal and vitamin tablets, capsules and speciality skin care products.

During the 1990’s Graeme founded a company called Koori Health Care. The research and development led him to the discovery of an Australian indigenous plant and made a range of products with Aloe Vera, Tea Tree oil and a plant called Centipeda cunninghamii - this traditional extract was taken as a tea for respiratory problems and also applied directly to the skin to soothe skin irritations.

Over the next few years, an extracting method and the ‘use of ‘was patented.

The extract developed from Centipeda cunninghamii was called Plantolin™ and marketed with Swisse Vitamins under the name of H Bio Juven. It was listed in Australia with the Therapeutic Goods Administration, products includeSkin Balm, (ececzma, psoriasis), Acne Gel, Cracked Heel cream, Cold Sore gel, Soothing Skin gel, shampoo, conditioners, hand creams and other like products which have been most effective.

Southern Cross University in New South Wales through the Centre for Phytochemistry and Pharmacology, discovered previously unknown in nature five special compounds, in particular two of the compounds they name P4 and P6. These elements have been documented on the studies and form the basis of our new international patent.
These compounds have since been fully characterised and named.

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Phytochemistry and Pharmacology